(The following is direct feedback from our workshops. The only modification is the layout.)

OT and PT on a Shoestring Budget

  • Lots of practical ideas to take back and use right away! - Sioux Falls
  • Totally enjoyed this course. Didn't waste my time telling me about the problem - but concentrated on solutions to the problems. - Omaha
  • Wonderful ideas. - Dallas
  • Very good for therapist on limited budget. - Sioux Falls
  • Great energy and humor. - Indianapolis
  • Great course - I will use every bit of it. - Sioux Falls
  • Excellent audience participation/interaction. - Indianapolis
  • Hands on, very enthusiastic. - Sioux Falls
  • I love your energy. It kept things interesting and upbeat. - Sioux Falls
  • Great practical ideas. I appreciate all the magazine companies. - Las Vegas
  • Loved throwing around ideas, small class size, very relaxing environment. - Sioux Falls
  • This was a great course! It really helped me to think about common objects in a new light. - Indianapolis
  • Marti's enthusiasm was contagious! - Indianapolis

Hints for Horrible Handwriting

  • I highly recommend this to all pediatric OT's. Very pleasant, friendly, and enthusiastic instructor. - New York
  • Can't wait to try out these ideas on Monday. - New York
  • Loved the grab bags. - New York
  • Where did you find Marti? She is one of the most energetic, excited, and creative therapists I have met! She loves what she does and it comes out in her presentation! The grab-bag was a nice treat. Thank you. I've left with a lot of great new ideas. - New York
  • This course was exactly what I was looking for in a practical handwriting course. Excellent. - New York
  • You have motivated me to be more fun, novel, and energetic. - New York
  • Less theory and more activity ideas - which is what I wanted. - Indianapolis
  • Very impressive with the program. - Indianapolis
  • This was wonderful! It helped to be fuctionally based! Thank you! - Indianapolis
  • Perfect for a one day course. - Indianapolis
  • I enjoyed the interactive techniques. It was great to hear other therapists ideas and ways to implement them. - Orlando
  • Practical ways to improve handwriting. - Orlando
  • The presenter was very knowledgeable, information was presented well, organized, and interesting. - Orlando

Calming Strategies for Autism

  • Very much worth the time and money invested. Ideas are practical and affordable. - Nashville
  • Lots of good examples and ideas. -Nashville
  • Everything was great! Thanks for your great energy! - Houston
  • Loved the hands on activities - Nashville
  • Marti really cares about these kids and it shows! - Indianapolis
  • Favorite part was the instructor/practical ideas for use. - Houston
  • Good Idea giving out Fidget toys! - Indianapolis
  • Examples were very helpful - Indianapolis
  • I had so much fun! -Nashville
  • Thank you for the "cookbook" of ideas. I can't wait to try them on Monday. -Indianapolis