The Art and Science of Trauma Informed OT

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A six hour analysis of how trauma effects development and strategies to improve regulatory outcomes for children and adults.

  • Identify how Occupational Therapists can work with caregivers to assist with trauma related behaviors.
  • Explore how trauma can effect system functions that then effect behavior.
  • Discuss a variety of intervention strategies to help with regulation.
  • Identify a variety of treatment approaches and questions to ask to know which one might be the best match for individual clients.

Sensory Regulation for Childhood Trauma

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An introductory level course recorded with an audience of mental health workers in the foster care field.

  • Identify how trauma effects the brain and sensory regulation.
  • Examine practical strategies for OT in relation to a trauma lens.

Creative Treatment Ideas: Pediatric Edition

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This is a one day "best of" treatment course for anyone who works with children.

  • Identify adaptations for fine motor, oral motor, positioning, strengthening, valance, endurance, ROM, and sensory goals.
  • Creative treatment plans with inexpensive everyday objects: flashlights, ballons, pennies, etc.
  • Identify ways to use common materials to motivate and challenge clients.
  • Case-studies with details on how creative therapists have solved them in the past.
  • Identify specific strategies for adapting equipment, handwriting, and sensory processing.
  • Discuss current trends in nutrition and alternative therapies.

OT and PT on a Shoestring Budget

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Overview: An energetic, creative, practical, problem solving course that will decrease burnout and stretch your financial resources. Great for geriatrics, school system, home health, and rehab.

  • Adaptations for fine motor, oral motor, positioning, sensory, strengthening and others will be demonstrated.
  • Creative, inexpensive, practical information applicable the day you return from this course.
  • Treatment plans with inexpensive everyday objects explored.
  • Participant requests and ideas will be shared.
  • Discover favorite adaptations & treatment ideas of other therapists.

Hints for Horrible Handwriting

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Overview: In this energetic, practical, hands-on course you will:

  • Identify the underlying factors that effect handwriting.
  • Assess specific deficits that effect the development of handwriting skills.
  • Treat specific deficits that effect the development of handwriting skills.
  • Apply treatment strategies to a group.
  • Implement treatment strategies in a classroom setting.
  • Receive a grab-bag of practical items which can be used in treatment sessions the day you return from this course.

Calming Strategies for Autism

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Overview: An energetic, creative, practical course for educators, parents, and professionals to help calm the sensory systems of children with Autism.

  • Review general characteristics of Autism.
  • Explore the basic functions of the sensory systems and how it effects arousal and energy levels.
  • Identify what subtle and obvious types of stimulus can "activate" or "hype" a child.
  • Identify different types of stimulus which can help calm a child.
  • Explore a variety of simple, home-made supports to help calm a child.
  • Experience a variety of simple calming and alerting activities through a lab portion of the course. (Dress comfy!)
  • Assist other participants with real life calming dilemmas through audience participation and brain storming.
  • Receive a ready-made grab bag of items to help calm the children that they love.